In a world where we are increasingly learning more about the people that we don’t see rather than the people we do, it seems logical to share about your divorce on social media. But while your friends may care about what you are going through, when you are still in the process of getting a divorce, sharing on social media can be a bad idea.

Here are some things to take into consideration when posting about your divorce on social media.

Social media is forever

It seems like you would be able to simply “delete” a potentially regretful post so that it is gone forever, right? Unfortunately, the moment you send it out, the time to reconsider is over. Once the post is live, it exists on the servers of whatever platform you used. That means that even after you delete it, it still exists and could potentially be discoverable in your divorce case. Also, once it has gone live, someone could take a screen shot of the post. Once this happens, you no longer have control of who has the post or what they do with it.

Unwanted opinions

Getting to the point where you want a divorce is difficult enough. Including your entire social network in the process will not be helpful. Adding extra opinions to a decision that was already difficult can make the situation much worse.

When to post

The bottom line is that you don’t want to have a lot of details about your divorce on social media that could potentially make your life far more difficult. Between the extra opinions and the material that could be used against you, it simply is not worth it.

If you feel like you must post something, consider waiting until everything has been finalized, and only then, make it a brief mention. If close friends want more information, consider talking to those friends privately so that you don’t have incriminating information on profile.