Grandparent’s Rights

Child custody disputes typically involve a child’s parents, but not always. Grandparents are heavily engaged in child-rearing in many families. Whether you are bringing a grandparents’ rights action or opposing one, it is critical to have an experienced family law attorney by your side.

Understanding Grandparent Rights

Many grandparents have close relationships with their grandchildren. But, in some families, conflicts with parents make things difficult. For instance, a parent may forbid the grandparent from seeing their grandchildren, or a parent may be unfit to raise their child, and the grandparent may need  to step in. Whether you are a grandparent looking to know your rights, or a parent fighting for custody, our attorneys are ready to provide you with professional, ethical representation.

Understanding how Pennsylvania Laws Affect Grandparents

While most states have case law, Pennsylvania law protects the rights of grandparents’ child custody and visitation. When a son-in-law or daughter-in-law denies grandparents time with their grandchildren, grandparents can take legal action. Under the statute, Pennsylvania courts consider the pre-existing relationship and whether child custody and visitation are in the child’s best interests. Let’s discuss how these statutes could impact your custody and visitation rights.

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