No matter how contentious a divorce may be, parents want their children to be their top priority. Understanding how their children can remain emotionally healthy throughout the divorce process is only possible by recognizing what is most important to their children’s emotional well-being.

Children need to be able to maintain a strong and loving relationship with each parent.

Children need to be able to operate without fear about hurting the other parent’s feelings. They should be confident that they can share details about their day with one parent without generating criticism from the other one.

Children need to know how holidays will be handled.

Children look forward to holiday traditions all year long, so parents will need to work together to ensure these holidays can be enjoyed just as authentically as before. Details such as whose house they will be at during holidays and what time transfers will occur should be settled in advance and put on a parenting calendar.

Both parents should attend events that are important to the child.

Events such as school plays, basketball games and birthday parties are some of the most important events in a child’s life, so it will be critical for parents to put aside their animosity so that they can both attend.

Children thrive on consistency.

Rules that differ from house to house won’t provide the security that a child needs in order to thrive in school and life. Child custody, visitation and child support are only some of the issues that arise in a divorce that involves minor children, and all of these issues need to be carefully considered and a firm plan put in place to ensure consistency.