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Four Key Mistakes To Avoid In Divorce

Because going through a divorce can be complicated and emotional, you may not realize you are making mistakes until it is too late. At Graff & Associates, LLC, our divorce lawyers have the experience, knowledge and dedication to guide you through your divorce and help you avoid costly pitfalls.

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Here are four key mistakes to avoid during the divorce process:

  1. Seeking retaliation during the process of divorce can be dangerous, and aggressive actions are expensive. Consider keeping more of your assets instead of trying to retaliate through unnecessary litigation. Additionally, acting on vengeful feelings instead of using logic makes you susceptible to other mistakes and may leave a negative impression on the court.
  2. Calculating assets and liabilities incorrectly can be costly down the line. Make sure you have uncovered any and all hidden accounts, deeds and titles or you may lose assets that rightly belong to you. Prepare a record of all your property, vehicles, savings, stocks, retirement accounts and valuable items including artwork, collections or jewelry. Similarly, keep track of your liabilities. Even if the judge orders your spouse to pay off joint debts, you are still legally liable for any debt that has your name on it.
  3. Alienating children from their other parent will be viewed unfavorably by Pennsylvania judges. Be open and reasonable with regard to visitation or shared custody. If you appear inflexible, the judge may determine you are unreasonable about all of your demands and rule in your spouse’s favor.
  4. Consenting to something you don’t understand can be financially devastating down the line. Consider whether you can maintain payments on luxury properties or vehicles before demanding them as part of your settlement. You may not be able to afford them after the divorce.

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