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Three Secrets For Creating Great Parenting Plans

Graff & Associates, LLC, is devoted to helping families develop child custody and visitation agreements that keep relational ties strong. Even if you and your spouse split or change your living arrangements, your children deserve to maintain a healthy routine. By fortifying your decisions with smart legal assistance, your kids can do more than survive: they can thrive.

Coming up with a sound parenting plan is an essential part of setting a daily pace that lets you and your children flourish. Here are three vital tips to get you started:

1. Understand Your Obligations

Pennsylvania courts hold everyone to the same basic standards. Whether you represent yourself or rely on professional help, you’ll need to pay filing fees, fill out the appropriate paperwork, show up for hearings and follow procedures when you’re served with court papers or trying to serve another party.

Your parenting agreement may necessitate that you submit various petitions and forms to be valid, so it’s vital to talk to an attorney about the legal ramifications.

2. Think Ahead

Parenting agreements aren’t legally binding until they’re approved by a court. While you’re still in the preliminary stages, you need to consider possible changes that might impact your ability to adhere to a finalized arrangement. For instance, you might lose your job or have to move to take care of an elderly relative.

True, there are ways to modify agreements after the fact, and you can’t anticipate every possible situation. Nonetheless, it’s important to come up with arrangements that don’t leave you without options.

3. Rise Above Your Pride

A parenting plan isn’t just for you and your spouse. You need to remember that its primary function is to provide your children with stable living circumstances and appropriate care. It may be tough to get past your emotions, but if you’re not absolutely certain that you can distance yourself from your personal feelings and do what’s in your children’s best interest, you should work with a professional mediator who can help you negotiate and make wiser decisions.

Our Jenkintown and Philadelphia lawyers are extremely diligent when it comes to devising parenting plans. By applying a forward-thinking approach that’s grounded in proven legal experience and compassionate advisement, we make it easier for families in and around Montgomery County to grow and thrive. Learn more by getting in touch for your free, confidential consultation now: call 215-649-7395 or contact us online.