Child Support

In Pennsylvania, all parents have a legal responsibility to support their children. If you are facing a potential child support issue or dispute, whether due to divorce or as a single parent, our skilled attorneys can help represent either side in a child support proceeding.

Your Advocates in Child Support Matters

Child support is a critical issue for many families. In some cases, the amount ordered by the court may have severe effects on your standard of living or affect the opportunities your child has at having financial security. At Graff & Associates, LLC, we frequently represent parents throughout Montgomery County, Bucks County, Philadelphia County, and Pennsylvania. Let’s start the discussion today to fight for your child’s rights.

Calculating child support isn’t as easy as it appears

As part of the divorce or paternity action, our lawyers can help you establish, enforce or modify child support agreements. Although a statewide  guideline dictates the parent’s obligation, parents can still agree on another amount.

It is essential to consider all information to ensure the support amount is not miscalculated.. For example, deductions can be taken for mortgage payments, and the number of hours a child spends at each parent’s house per day can contribute to the amount a parent pays in child support. Let our knowledgeable attorneys sort through the details and protect your interests.

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