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Do grandparents have any legal rights?

Many grandparents in Philadelphia have found themselves in situations where they’re practically raising their own grandchildren. After a while, they might start to wonder if it’s possible to get custody of their grandchildren and to start raising them officially. Unfortunately, grandparents who want custody of their grandchildren are facing a long battle.

What legal rights do grandparents have?

Despite their blood relationships, grandparents have almost no child custody rights when it comes to their grandchildren. They can only get custody of their grandchildren if the children are taken away by Child Protective Services (CPS) and placed in foster care. The grandparents can offer to take in the children, but they won’t be given special priority over other foster care homes.

Grandparents do have visitation rights in every state in the U.S. If they feel that they’re being deprived of the right to see their grandchildren, they can sue the parents for visitation rights. However, these types of cases can be difficult to prove. Most judges are more likely to rule in the parents’ favor if they can give a reason why they don’t take their kids to their grandparents’ house.

However, it’s not impossible for grandparents to win custody of their grandchildren. If the children are taken away and the parents lose custody, the grandparents might be able to win full custody with the help of an attorney. They might also be able to act as foster parents to give the children temporary homes.

How can you win custody of your grandchildren?

Since the laws are stacked against grandparents, it’s difficult to get your grandchildren removed from an unfit living situation. An attorney may help you get your grandchildren out of a bad situation and help you apply for full custody and power of attorney.