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Common challenges that can end second and third marriages

People who have gone through divorces in Pennsylvania may eventually enter new relationships. The lessons that you learned during your first marriage may leave you feeling prepared to succeed in your second marriage. However, the statistics about divorce reveal a less optimistic outlook.

Second and third marriages face tough odds

Roughly 50% of first marriages result in divorce. Second marriages fare even worse with a 67% chance of dissolving. Among couples in third marriages, 74% of them will get divorced.

Primary challenges in second or third marriages

Similar to first-timers, people getting married again may do so for the wrong reasons, such as fear of loneliness or the intense excitement aroused by a new romantic partner. Those who rush into marriage for the second time run the risk of not knowing enough about their spouses’ personalities and habits.

Problems associated with second and third marriages

Relationships tend to become more complicated in your second or third marriage. Ex-spouses on both sides may create drama, especially about child custody issues. Stepchildren may enter the picture, which has the potential to open another avenue for family conflict.

As with all marriages, financial issues can sabotage commitment. You or your spouse may have financial obligations to pay child support or, sometimes, spousal support. The money constantly going out to cover expenses from a previous relationship may breed resentment in a partner.

Stakes may be high in subsequent marriages

Since you may be an older adult when contemplating divorce for a second marriage, your financial situation could be complex. You and your spouse may have substantial retirement savings to divide. Speaking with an attorney could alert you to new issues that did apply to your first divorce.