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Common divorce mistakes that people make

The Pennsylvania divorce process can be fraught with risk, especially when one or both spouses have no interest in communication or compromise. These are common mistakes that people make during divorce that are clearly not in their best interest. Here is what to avoid during the process.

Do not overreach

The court will use a process called equitable distribution in order to divide the marital property. This means that there are factors that may lead to the other spouse getting half or more of the marital estate. Accordingly, while you can negotiate, you must remain realistic about the ultimate split of the marital property.

Anticipate the tax obligations

You must recognize the tax implications of how you intend to divide the marital estate. You may end up holding property that has a capital tax obligation that you must pay. If you do not account or that at the time of the divorce, you may find yourself owing a large tax bill to the federal and state governments.

Always communicate

The anger of the divorce causes many people to stop talking completely. If you need to settle your divorce matter, ceasing communication is a bad idea. When you communicate entirely through the lawyers, not only does it run up your bill, but it makes talking much more formal. Being able to talk directly can help resolve outstanding issues if you are able to communicate civilly.

A family law attorney may help you strategize throughout the divorce in order to remain intentional and to avoid common errors. The advice of an attorney might keep a client out of court and on the road to settlement. Otherwise, when faced with the prospect of navigating your divorce on your own, you might let your emotions overtake your better judgment.