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Stay out of trouble with management during divorce

One must keep their job at the same time as they are going through a Pennsylvania divorce. What happens during the divorce may make it more difficult for an employee to focus and remain productive at work. When that happens, they may be at risk of receiving a bad performance review or even losing their job.

In order to minimize the risks of these happening, it is best to communicate what is going on to management. This way, they will understand what is behind any drop-off in job performance. Even if one does not feel personally close to their boss, this conversation is more a matter of protecting oneself professionally. Management may be able to offer some resources that could help someone through this time or can at least exercise some forbearance when it comes to grading the employee. While the boss should be brought into the loop, it’s better to leave most coworkers out of it.

The best way to avoid problems at work is to maintain productivity. While this is easier said than done, if one is able to deal with the emotional issues during the divorce, it will free their mind up to work effectively. However, while they should keep up their job, they should not their use work as a crutch that keeps them from building a solid emotional foundation to use after the divorce.

The more contentious a divorce is, the more likely it will harm someone in other areas of their life, including their job. A divorce attorney could actually keep the divorce from going to litigation by helping their client work toward a settlement agreement. The lawyer may hep negotiate the agreement and give their client suggestions for how to resolve the matter as amicably as possible without legal action.